Peace Tree Yoga


Address:125 E. State Street, Burlington, WI

Yoga is an ancient Eastern science that was developed thousands of years ago. It was originally designed as a method of disciplines and attitudes to help people reach spiritual enlightenment. It is not a religion but a living philosophy, giving us the power to change our lives and find new vision…to find peace in a chaotic world and compassion that will radiate from every aspect of ones self. The practice of yoga teaches us to live life more fully.


You can benefit from yoga practice both mentally and physically. Consciously controlled breathing is the foundation and accounts for 50% of a typical yoga practice. This allows oxygen to be delivered the body and brain and calms the sympathetic nervous system so that we experience peace and a positive attitude towards life. Most other forms of stress management focus on breath control as well. The deep stretching exercises lengthen our muscles and improve flexibility of the spine and other joints. Holding the poses for a length of time increases strength, stamina, and balance. Because our tissues hold issues, emotional pain can also be eased through the gentle movements. Studies have demonstrated a reduction in pain with patients who established a regular asana (posture) and meditation practice.

When you choose to incorporate yoga as part of your healthy lifestyle, there are a few things to remember weather you practice at home or in a studio. Always listen to your body. This is called yoga practice not yoga perfect. It is important to let go of any images you may have concerning perfection. We like to say…”make the pose fit your body, not your body fit the pose” and honor our strengths as well as our limits. Let go of any judgment, expectation, or sense of competition you may have. This practice is meant to bring us JOY. Have fun.

Clothing should be comfortable. A loose fitting shirt however, may end up around your neck in the downward dog pose. Make sure you can tuck your shirt in if it is not a close fitting top. Socks are slippery…. barefoot is best and gives us the grip necessary to establish a strong foundation to rise out of. One may want to dress in layers as this will help while warming up and also to keep us warm during final relaxation.

Yoga works best when you are fully digested.  Eating light before class is helpful due to the nature of the the postures (i.e. inverting). Be sure to drink after practice. We lose fluids not only through perspiration, but also through our breath work. The twisting and folding you experience through a class is working to detoxify the body. Fresh water will not only re-hydrate, but will also help to remove toxins.

Turn cell phones off before a class and avoid wearing any scented products for those who are sensitive to smell. You have set this time aside and cultivating a space that is conducive to centering yourself is imperative.

End your class or practice with the traditional sealing phrase ….. NAMASTE’. This is a sign of respect from teacher to student and student to teacher, honoring the divine light that shines within each of us. 

Peace Tree Yoga meets you where you are physically. All levels are welcome!  


 Class Descriptions

Level 1 Increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Hatha yoga links poses together and promotes control of mind and body. Level 1 is a class of gentle flow and stretch introducing you to 30 basic yoga poses.

Mixed Level Develop the mind, breath and body as you flow through a basic Hatha yoga sequence. Strengthen your body, calm your mind as you enjoy either more or less work, honoring where you are at physically. Modifications are given for all levels. 40 basic poses.

Level 2 Vinyasa style. Flow through the sequence of poses and hold asanas longer. Build strength and increase cardiovascular fitness. This class is designed for students who have experienced Level 1 and are looking for more sensation, inner awareness, and strength building.

Gentle A more soft and yeilding practice that enables every BODY to enjoy and experience the joys of yoga. Gently open aching joints, release tension, increase muscular strength, improve balance and overall wellness. Perfect for seniors, those dealing with physical limitations, recovering from illness or people simply seeking to increase physical activity.

Kids 1: (1st-3rd grades) Kids learn control and awareness of body and movement. Kids participate in cooperative learning games and activities that develop positive social interaction, and kinesthetic intelligence and awareness. We foster positive self image and body awareness.

Kids 2: (4th-6th grades) Kids learn control of mind and body while having fun. Kids participate in mindful movement, breathing activities, and sharing circles. Activities develop character, athleticism, creativity, and emotional balance. Students improve self image and body awareness.

Groove (Mixed Level) Move casually into your weekend and practice Hatha yoga in this free style, mixed level class. Groove to popular tunes while growing strong and balanced.

Hot Yoga Different that Bikram! Detoxify inside and out with this flowing yoga practice that takes place in a warmer room (3rd floor space). We’ll get the energy moving and discover the power existing within….physically and mentally. Some previous experience with yoga is recommended. Please don’t forget your water and small towel.

Prenatal Yoga For mothers-to-be yoga is and ideal way to prepare for special event of labor and birth. It promotes fitness, flexibility, tones the muscles of the pelvic floor, increases circulation, inspires breath control, develops a stronger connection to baby, and establishes balance for the mind, body, and spirit.

A healthy, flexible body and calm, clear mind are tools that you will want to be able to call upon during labor and birth. Being in this strong yet relaxed place will allow labor to progress and flow naturally and smoothly.

Partner Yoga Come and enjoy the unique experience of connection, communication, and cooperation as you gently stretch through some basic yoga poses with a partner. Bring your spouse, partner, a family member, or a friend. We will be taking the challenge and work out of the practice to focus on the experience of healing touch, adjustments, and union. 





8-Week Fall 1 Session BEGINS Sun. Sept. 6th!
  • Mondays: 
  • 10am Powerflow
  • 6:00pm Mixed Level
  • 7:15pm Group Meditation 


  • Tuesdays:
  • 9:00am Mixed Level
  • 12:30pm Gentle


  • Wednesdays:
  • 9:30am Gentle Yoga
  • 5:30pm Mixed Level
  • 6:45pm Level 2                                                                                      


  • Thursdays:  
  • 9am Mixed Level
  • 5:45pm Prenatal Yoga
  • 7pm Mixed Level Yoga


  • Fridays:
  • 9:30am Mixed


  • Saturdays:
  • 8:30am Community Cause Yoga (donation based)


  • Sundays:
  • 9:30am Mixed
Fall 1 Session 8-week Registration Investments
1 Class per week (8 classes)

$78.00  One class per week


$128.00 couples, one class per week (16 classes)



2 Classes per week (16 classes)


$128.00 2 classes per week (16 classes)



$203.00 Couples 2 classes per week (32 classes)
Unlimited Classes
$ 178.00
$12.00 Drop-in fee

 There is a three dollar service fee per package