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CYT is pleased to announce our Spring show:


Rehearsals:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8, Sundays 5-8

Performances: Fridays - Sundays May 9-11 and May 16-18
(Fridays & Saturdays @7, Sundays @ 2)


Fantastic Mr. Fox Audition Info

"Boggis and Bunce and Bean/One fat, one short, one lean/These horrible crooks/So different in looks/Were nonetheless equally mean."

And so begins another enchanting Roald Dahl tale concerning the extraordinary adventures of three nasty farmers, two curious creatures, a family of foxes, and our hero—a most fantastic fellow! Your audience will be fascinated as they watch Boggis, the (enormously fat!) chicken farmer; Bunce, the (pot-bellied dwarf) duck-and-goose farmer; and Bean the (thin) turkey-and-apple farmer, attempt to foil the efforts of Mr. Fox and his friends—the Badgers, the Moles, the Rabbits and the Weasels. And then, of course, they'll be held in suspense as the animals unwittingly trap themselves in Bean's Secret Cider Cellar—much to the displeasure of Rat (a rude creature) and all appear doomed. In the end, they'll cheer as Mr. Fox provides a glorious feast for each and every one—and gives rise to Mrs. Fox's proclamation that "My husband is one fantastic fox!" Certainly this show is lively and suspenseful and we're sure you will also find it a whole lot of fun!


Ages 12+, please prepare a short monologue (one minute or less) for auditions.  The monologue is optional for younger children, but please be prepared to read from the script. Need suggestions?

Monologue Links

*For those children who are not yet readers, please come prepared to make a range of character faces. :) Any children age 5 or under who wish to audition are required to have a support person with them for every rehearsal (at least 16 years of age, and not a cast member of the current production).

The first rehearsal will be Thursday February 27th. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-8pm and Sundays 5pm-8pm. We will not have rehearsal over spring break, Easter weekend, or on concert dates for band, choir or orchestra at Karcher or BHS. Cast members in elementary school will be excused from rehearsal for their concert dates. Optional rehearsals may be offered on some of the dates above, but attendance will not be required.  Please Join the Facebook event



The CATHE Youth Theater Company is devoted to the development of our youth. We are an education-based theater company that allows youth to not only learn stage craft, but also to work on sets, lighting, costumes, marketing, filmmaking, and all other aspects of production.


CYT is interested in partnering with school districts and homeschooling groups to provide educational opportunities in the form of participation in all aspects of theater production. Reduced rates are available, as well as special show times suitable for field trips.  Study guides for use in the classroom are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

List Of Officers 

  • Tiffany Phetteplace  - Chairperson
  • Amy Frankiewicz - Vice Chairperson
  • Susan Cwik- Member at Large
  • Terri Peterson- Member at Large
  • Braaten Daujotas- Youth Member at Large

Committee meetings are as announced. Call to learn location, and join us with any comments or ideas! As a committee, we are always looking for fresh ideas and submissions for shows from qualified persons interested in directing a show!

For more information about the CYT or to get involved, including inquiries regarding director opportunities/proposals, please contact

CYT Committee Chairperson Tiffany Phetteplace (262) 758-7709

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Participation Fees:

  • $35 participation fee/child, $65 maximum/family 
    (scholarships available upon request)

Below: The Adventures Of the Fearsome Pirate Frank, Fall 2010