The CATHE Center is seeking an Executive Director. This 3/4 time (30 hours per week) position reports to the Board of Directors, executing the plans of the Board while maintaining day to day operations at the Center. The Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing CATHE’s main programs while coordinating, recruiting and communicating with partner programs. He/She will have a focus on fundraising, grant writing, budgeting, and marketing while also being actively involved with board development, building maintenance, and providing technical assistance when needed.

Duties include:

  • Serve as the face of the organization for constituents and the community. Be visible in the Burlington community

  • Work closely with the Board and Bookkeeper to determine annual budget

  • Coordinate fundraisers throughout the year, and heavily assist with the planning of the Big Bash

    annual fundraiser

  • Write and maintain funding grants

  • Seek and cultivate sponsors and donors through networking, annual reporting and planning

  • Work closely with the CATHE Montessori and Youth Theater programs to help them continue to

    grow and develop

  • Work closely with current partner-programs on scheduling, building needs, technical assistance,

    board communications and rental agreements

  • Coordinate with short term building rentals

  • Determine and plan for any building or grounds maintenance

  • Supervise the staff of the Center

  • Greet visitors to the Center and assist with their needs and questions

  • Be the main point person for the organization, including messaging and email, phone and mail

  • Coordinate volunteers for events, clean up days and building needs

  • Report bimonthly to the board on organization developments and needs

  • Board development work to include assistance finding new members, retreat planning, assistance

    with meetings as needed

  • Maintain the CATHE website, newsletter, online calendar and social media presence

  • Other duties as needed or directed by the Board of Directors


    The ideal candidate will have:
    Experience working in nonprofit management.

    Demonstrated abilities in marketing, technological and basic financial knowledge. Experience with fundraising, grant writing and event planning.

    The position requires excellence in working with people, including occasionally sensitive topics. Inquiries and resumes should be sent to