Jubilate Community Singers

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A Different kind of Choral Experience

Jubilate Community Singers is a program of the The Cathe Center. This ensemble is directed by Dr. Anne Armetta and accompanied by Patti Filipiak and is comprised of singers from Burlington, Waterford, Lake Geneva and surrounding areas. Our membership spans the generations  - blending voices of wide ability and experience.  Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings at 7 pm.

The choir has two seasons. In the fall, preparation is made for a holiday concert. The spring concert theme changes each year. We offer a different kind of choral experience by encompassing musical literature from many styles, historic periods, traditions and cultures blended with poetry and reading reflective of time periods and themes.  It is a very eclectic and interesting group to join. 

Dr. Armetta has a PHD in music education from Northwestern University in Illinois.  She has been involved in community choral music most of her life and has sung professionally in Chicago.  Dr. Armetta founded the original Jubilate Singers in 1996, here in Burlington. That choir sang for 11 years before disbanding.  A number of the Jubilate Community Singers were members of the original choir.

To fulfill our mission of presenting a quality musical experience,  our choir is supported by seasonal dues, advertising, paid performance and arts donations.  We are welcoming to all who want to sing, rehearse, perform and  listen.  Our members are given access to on-line practice sessions to supplement our regular weekly rehearsals. 

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